One Year Old Cars

ŠKODA Plus One Year Old Cars are very young used ŠKODA cars in perfect condition. Should you purchase a One Year Old Car you will know it will meet the highest requirements and you that will be pleased with your decision for a long time. All ŠKODA Plus One Year Old Cars have factory warrantee of at least 2 years from ŠKODA AUTO – your assurance is therefore ideal.

ŠKODA Plus category vehicles

The ŠKODA Plus category includes used cars of all brands up to 5 tears old which meet our strict quality criteria. In addition to the assurance of buying a technically revised vehicle, the ŠKODA Plus Programme partner will offer you a ŠKODA Plus Garance 12-month warrantee that will protect you against unexpected repair costs.

Ask your ŠKODA Plus dealers about the 12-month warrantee for your new vehicle – it will protect you against unexpected costs of any technical faults that may arise after buying the vehicle. The coverage includes engine components to electronics. Details can be found here.

Service from professionals


The warrantee is provided in cooperation with a specialised company called CarGarantie.

CG CarGarantie Versicherungs-AG has been the most experienced and foremost company specialising in the provision of warrantees in Europe for more than 40 years. Nearly all famous car brands and approximately 20,000 qualified car dealers of all makes cooperate with CarGarantie.

Well-trained employees along with the most state of the art automobile technology, fast data processing and enthusiasm will ensure you make the right decision when buying a vehicle and will provide accurate settlement of all matters when there is any warrantee claim.

Appropriate reimbursement

CarGarantie will cover all labour and material costs related to repairs, which also applies to situations when there is more damage to your vehicle. You will only pay your own share of material costs after reaching more than 100,000 kilometres based on your actual mileage.

Each warrantee claim will be arranged simply with your vehicle dealer. The settlement of the repairs will be determined accurately and quickly between the dealer and CarGarantie.

If your dealer is far away from where the damage occurred, it is no problem either. The warrantee case will be notified to CarGarantie and the repairs can then be made in any authorised contractual service of your make of vehicle anywhere in Europe.


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